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Seeing as no one will care I just decided to make a post on my long abandoned account, or rather our long abandoned account. I didn't do shit besides watch videos and pretend I was cool for doing 1 or do 2 useless things. So now as I work off the energy from the dextrotrophamine in my meds I needed to do something so I found myself here writing a post for no one if particular with no constructive outcome to be gained. My life is crap, so naturally I invite crude comments from anyone who comes across this, and who knows? Maybe I'll end up becoming an active member again. Je ne sais pas. I'm of to do nothing and I'll be damned if I do it half-assed.

I am not a man of my word.

Jour de pico heureux !

2010-05-01 19:24:19 by TwoGuysSameFlash

Je d├ęteste tout de vous. :D

Now I will continue to sit in front of this screen rapidly increasing the decline of my eye-sight

Jour de pico heureux !

Things are looking good!

2010-01-03 19:23:45 by TwoGuysSameFlash

Well our first song Dark Visions, Is 24th in the miscellaneous charts, So things are looking up! Yay!
Im starting another song as we speak, So things are looking up despite our name we still want to start our flash projects as Patrick said: "With our next to nothing budget." We'll start that too, but our musical side is more important at the moment, With Patrick's self-esteem lowly rising and me keeping it extremely slow so I can use him for free slave labor. Good stuff. I expect our next music project to be completed next week if I don't get too sucked into Wow (Yes....Laugh at my expense it fuels me!). Otherwise Thanks for making my song somewhat on the charts! :)


And here is a good ol' fashion chart of what I spend my days doing! Yay! Fun times!

Things are looking good!

New Year New Stuff!

2010-01-02 01:27:29 by TwoGuysSameFlash

With our now slightly more then nothing budget We're planing on making a few submissions in the audio catagory and maybe flash. (not likely =l ) But who cares right? Yup my self-esteem is subterranean at this point so mock away! =D

New Year New Stuff!

Well, Me n' pat are finally gonna start our first project.... It'll be here soon ;]


2009-08-02 18:13:09 by TwoGuysSameFlash

Well, we're fucked. we can't find a sufficient drawing pad for the compy, so whatever


2009-07-20 13:06:14 by TwoGuysSameFlash

I'm finally 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 bitches!!!


2009-07-18 22:57:39 by TwoGuysSameFlash

pat we neeed to start txt me.

Portal Submission

2009-06-21 12:14:37 by TwoGuysSameFlash

So I submitted PunkinHed to the Art Portal; Just waiting to be scouted.

The game

2009-06-17 11:45:20 by TwoGuysSameFlash