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Finally back into the loop... the outer loop.

2009-09-01 21:46:53 by TwoGuysSameFlash

Well, Me n' pat are finally gonna start our first project.... It'll be here soon ;]


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2009-10-23 15:19:19

What do you mean when you say you can't find a drawing pad ? I don't understand.

TwoGuysSameFlash responds:

I can't draw with a mouse b/c Im left handed so we're going to find a drawing tablet.


2009-11-08 11:57:51

l4d sucks.

TwoGuysSameFlash responds:

excellent point you have there my good chum, or should i be saying not so good chum? hmmmm.


2009-12-18 23:35:07

Hey man, I use FL Studio 8 and now 9. But the program isn't all that important and there are better programs. Thanks for the review :)

TwoGuysSameFlash responds:

No problem thanks for the advice :)


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